What About Bharat?

More and more people are becoming inspired to spread awareness of our broken mental health care system by telling their own story, and by speaking on podcasts, Instagram, websites, in lectures and at workshops. And yet, it seems like change to this system is not happening fast enough. Last year, I met a man through … More What About Bharat?

Why I stopped correcting people that are “So OCD”

Most people have likely seen the countless articles, quizzes and products that make light of OCD. There was Khloe Kardashians “Khlo-cd” organizing series, Target’s “Obsessive Christmas Disorder” line (which sparked many more lines, most recently I found “Obsessive Cat Disorder” merchandise at a pet store), or the ridiculous Buzzfeed quizzes that circulate on social media … More Why I stopped correcting people that are “So OCD”